Owning a racehorse should be a truly exhilarating and fulfilling experience, and here at Brian Barr racing we aim to make it just that!


Whether you just have a small share in one or own several you will be given all the care and attention you deserve and your horse will be given everything possible so they can fulfill their maximum potential.


We will often hold owners mornings or have different events going on that you can join in, or competitions where you can win all sorts of prizes. You are welcome to come and see your horse or watch it out in the mornings whenever you wish.


We have a quality selection of horses for sale, to suit all budgets. We also have a racing club where there is at least one or two horses in the club at any one time, and the costs are a minimum to be a part of this. We have horses available for lease and syndication with shares also available. Please contact either myself or Daisy to discuss any of these options available.


We believe as we are so self sufficent here at Tall Trees we offer very competitive rates so just give us a call to find out more.

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