A little Soggy....

25-January-2015 15:34
in General
by Admin

Since I last updated unfortunately we have had no runners, the winter has finally hit us! We have had plenty entered but everywhere has just been too wet or called off because of frost/waterlogging!

This week is looking a little more promising, with In The Crowd and Green Du Ciel almost certain to go to Towcester on Thursday and Madam Be also holding a couple of entries.

This week is meant to be a lot dryer so fingers crossed! Luckily with our super facilities here we haven't been held up for a single day, we have been hit with -8 and monsoon like conditions and we can still go out and exercise, which is great! To be fair the grass is a little wet so schooling now takes place on the all weather!

After a couple of niggles TuffStuff is nearing his return, his work is fantastic and we cannot wait to run him, looking like Newbury at the end of Feb, the track should suit him well. Shanandoa is working nicely after her short break, she has strengthened up and looks great, it is unbelieveable how much energy she has, every morning she comes out like shes had a week off! Norfolk Sky is cantering nicely, she also looks great and if she had her way would be running next week, but its good to have her back in, she is the perfect racehorse, if only she was a hand bigger!

Follow The Tracks came out of his race well from Exeter, he is in great form but just needs slightly better ground, so we will hopefully find him an option soon.

The fresh faces are doing well too....Under Review has now been brought by Daisy and will run in the blue and yellow checks, he is a lovely little horse that has needed a lot of fixing and a lot of love. Fingers crossed he can turn the corner for us and put up some more encouraging shows, he will be running soon. 'Billy' the unnamed/unraced colt has settled in well and is working nicely, he is exceptionally green but learning all the time. He has a lovely nature will helps him.

Ballyheigue gets fresher by the day, he is cantering with Shanandoa every day and loves to chuck in a few big bucks along the way! He is coming back well from his injury with his previous yard which is good to see, he is happy and looks well.

Castlemorris King and Martys Magic are still on holidays, although they are now on the walker everyday.

The new staff accommodation is nearly finished and its looking very smart, we are still looking for another member of staff, so please contact Daisy if you are interested.

I will update after the runners this week.

All the best....