Clippers at the ready....

19-October-2014 20:05
in General
by Admin

I havnt updated for a week or so but it has been pretty quiet round here! Most mornings we have been getting pretty wet although its not too cold yet, not that you would believe that looking over the doors, some very hairy horses! Daisy does all the clipping herself as she does not trust anyone else and she tries to leave them as long as possible until their first clip as they always clip better when the coat is a bit longer. So far Madam Be is the only one to have been done, and she looks very smart. She will be making her debut over hurdles either this week at Ludlow or the beginning of November at Plumpton.

Nick Scholfield came in to ride out and school on Tuesday, he had a sit on Madam Be (had her final schooling session and was electric!), Follow The Tracks (it was his first school since he went wrong last year, the first time up he was lacking in confidence a little but by the third time he was fantastic), TuffStuff (he was only having his third ever school, he is a natural jumper but now needs to learn to jump at speed but is learning all the time) and last but not least In The Crowd (he popped the hurdles then had a look at the fences, he jumped them great and could run over fences tomorrow!). So all in all Nick was delighted with them all and said they schooled him! Great news from someone as professional as him!

Later on in the week we had 10 furlongs of running rail delivered from Sandown Park, it was some job unloading it all but it will be very smart when its all up. We have another 6 furlongs coming from Epsom later on in Novemeber. This will then allow us to rail both gallops here which makes it nice and safe for the younger horses when they are starting out! it also helps us out when the rabbits, pheasants and deer pay us a visit early in the mornings!!

We had another lovely man join our racing club in the week, which is shortly to have its first runner with In The Crowd at either Plumpton or Taunton. The club colours are purple with a yellow sash, diablo sleeves and a quartered cap! Very smart.

Shanandoa is back in work after a little setback, she has changed shape for a little break and looks great.

Norfolk Sky is very fresh and getting a little fat now, she will start back trotting this week, and Daisy cant wait to have her back!

Daisy was in the wars last week, having lost two of her lots she rode one of Catrionas, Follow The Tracks. Just jumping off at the bottom of the straight he headbutted her and split all her eye open, she was a fair mess when she pulled up and needed a trip to the hospital to glue her back together! She had a nice black eye for a while but is on the mend now and back riding out! There is a reason we call the accident book 'Daisy's Book'!!

Castlemorris King had a run on the all weather a couple of weeks ago but ran very flat so he is now on his winter break, this year he has won 2, and placed another 5 times! He will be back in work after Christmas where he will be prepared to hopefully run at the Festival in March! Very exciting....