Wishing You All a Happy New Year...Plus More New Faces...

17-January-2016 19:40
in General
by Admin

Well, here we are, 2016, let's hope it will be a good one!

After a relatively quiet Christmas we were back in full swing in no time at all, with the weather playing havoc with the fixture list we have not had any runners, although due to have four or five, everywhere we hoped to go was abandoned! Two declared for Plumpton tomorrow but they are also having to pass an early inspection, so fingers crossed! Also two for Tuesday, yet another inspection to pass tomorrow though!

The horses are in cracking form, with all bar one in work which is great! Stephen is still on a very long road to recovery and gets the best of care and as much attention from the girls as he could possibly get. He is very fresh which I think is helping him through whilst he is still on box rest. The yard has been flat out recently with lots of new owners in the yard, we are having many more visitors than we are used to, which is really good and I wouldnt have it any other way. It is lovely seeing everyones enthusiasm for theirs and everyone elses horses.

Talking of which we can now welcome some more new owners to the yard, some local people which is nice, as they can pop in to see their horses whenever they like, on a regular basis. Neil Budden, Ian Cahill, Syd Hosie & Richard Jeanes, firstly they brought us a little horse called Whistler Mountain, a stunningly bred four year old that runs on the flat. We were delighted to be able to pick him up for them from his previous trainer, Mark Gillard, now normally I would update a picture of any new horses onto the horses in training page, but I would imagine this lad wont appear for three or four months as I dont think I have ever seen a horse look in such poor condition, and to have come out of a licenced trainers yard I think is appaling. I probably couldnt reiterate enough how bad he looks. He has now been here a week and hasnt stopped eating, sleeping and enjoying lots of fuss! He is now on the mend and we will do all we can to get him back in the best shape possible to do the best he can on the track for his patient owners, who themselves were in a state of shock when seeing him. After this it was decided they would also bring us their other horse, Lamb's Cross, a lovely old chap that has won three now and is a proper two mile chaser that I am sure will give his connections plenty of fun in the coming months. He is also enjoying being here and has freshened up very well. We are delighted to have these two horses from their very enthusiastic owners and I look forward to keeping you updated on their progress. Welcome, Neil, Syd, Ian and Richard.

We are a little short staffed at the moment so all hands on deck riding out and there is no chance of getting cold round here in a morning, Daisy was riding out on Friday in a t-shirt, I believe it was around -2 outside! The gallops are in good shape and take all the wet and cold they have had thrown at them. Only a week away now from the last barn being finished, taking us to 37 boxes, with scope for more of course! Hopefully just in time for the Doncaster Horses In Training sale, we will be heading up there with a couple of owners to look for some more stock, so if any of you would like to meet up to discuss horses then let me know!