Holidays over....

09-July-2015 20:33
in General
by Admin

No runners recently but everyone in the yard has been manic! Everyone is pretty tired but everything is getting done nicely and the place is looking good. We have now started our third new barn, this one houses 13 new stables and our new tack room. The frame is up, the floor is down and the rest should be complete within the next two weeks. Once the new boxes are complete we will have a capacity of 36. A nice number to work with!

Ballyheigue has now left us, he has joined Ron Hodges, having his first start for him today he finished 10th/12, hopefully he does a bit better for them next time.

Follow The Tracks, Shanandoa, Castlemorris King are all back in trotting, looking very happy and fat! It is now just Tuffstuff due to come in shortly.

Last week Norfolk Sky and Martys Magic headed to Kempton for a gallop, a super piece of work, they both worked brilliant. Gavin Sheehan rode Martys Magic while Tom Garner rode Norfolk Sky. Martys Magic came back and lit up the gallops again on Wednesday with Tom Garner aboard this time, one of the best bits of work I have seen up there. Unfortunately he pulled up a little sore and looks to have picked up an injury, this is a massive blow for the yard as he was one we were really looking forward to. He is now recieving the very best care and treatment and I am sure he will be back to show everyone what a good horse he is.

Sky Watch is bouncing and looks a million, Tom Greatrex was in the other day and said he felt great. He is really starting to come to himself now and his schooling session was electric.

Norfolk Sky will be getting entries over the next couple of weeks, she looks better than ever, a much bigger, stronger filly than before, she will start back on the flat and see how she gets on, she has won two of her last three flat starts. Daisy ended up in A & E the other day with a suspected broken foot, after dropping a steel framed stable front on it! The swelling was very bad but after an x-ray and the all clear she was sent home and hobbled in the next day just to make sure she could ride out Norfolk Sky, much to the dismay of her Mum and Dad!!

Madam Be looks amazing and after a change of feed has really started filling out and looking stronger. She heads to Uttoxeter on Wednesday and we hope for a good run.

It was Katrinas Birthday last Friday and we got her a very cute little present, I dont know if you may have seen pictures on Twitter. I will get some uploaded soon on here. In the main he is 30 inches tall and smaller than Reg, a Falabella. Basically a massive timewaster! She loves him so all is well, he will be a great companion for the other horses should they need one.

I will get some pictures of the new barns as soon as everything is complete.

Thanks for reading and I will update soon.