A Busy Week....

04-November-2014 20:29
in General
by Admin

The last week or so has been very busy, especially as Catriona had a week off relaxing at home in Ireland, although it sounds like her and her friends turned Belfast upside down on the Friday night!

Tuesday everyone was up and about early as we had Mikey Ennis in to school, we also had an owner in to watch his horses as well as a very enthusiastic young girl to take some pictures, Fran Altoft who is an amateur photographer and as you can see from the new additions to our gallery she does a great job! She was visiting the area and dragged her Dad along nice and early to see us....

The morning started great with Follow The Tracks, Madam Be and In The Crowd all schooling, although the last time up on In The Crowd him and Mikey parted company, unbelievably neither Fran or her Dad managed to capture it on camera!! Mikey had a fair slap so he had a nice cup of tea and left the rest of the team to ride out the rest! Daisy was riding Shanandoa next lot and she is a little fresh as she is back from a short break, they didnt last long either as Shanandoa quickly deposited Daisy on the sand....she was soon back up again to finish that lot and the rest of the morning went smoothly! It was great to have people in to watch the horses even if there was a lot of extra entertainment!

We then had Nick Scholfield in on Sunday to give the runners a pop before they ran on Monday and also to give Tuffstuff another school, he was very good, although a little lazy he is learning nicely how it all works, to give him a little more time with his schooling he may run in another bumper at either Cheltenham or Ascot in the next couple of weeks.

The new lunge ring is nearly complete which is a great benefit for yearlings, breakers and horses with little issues, its a nice deep sand and will also make a great, safe turnout area for horses that are too fresh to go out to grass!

So on Monday we had two runners, Madam Be in the mares novice which was a hot race and In The Crowd, our first club horse running. Delcaring on good to soft ground, we arrived to find HEAVY! Neither had run on it before but they were fresh and well and needed a run. Gavin was riding Madam Be, another great ride by Gavin who is riding high after his Grade 2 win the Saturday before. She hated the ground and really struggled but she jumped fantastic and finished a gallant 3rd! Her form now reads 321233! We look forward to running her on slightly better ground. In The Crowd was very relaxed before hand which was nice to see as he can get very wound up, two of the club member managed to join us for the day, Nick rode him and he also ran great, although he too hated the ground! He jumped well and nearly got up for 3rd! They were a little tired this morning but had a nice day in the field and will have a couple more days off. Delighted with both their performances.

We are delighted to be welcoming some new owners and a new horse to Tall Trees, his photo will be up soon and we look forward to running him. His owners have a few horses with several trainers and we are privileged to be chosen to train one for them, lovely people and we are looking forward to having some success!