Meet the Team

Daisy Hitchins

Assistant Trainer/Work Rider


Jess Wareham 

Travelling Head Girl/Work Rider

Jess has been with us for nearly three years now and is a very valued members of the team. Jess loves every one of the horses she looks after and does a fantastic job with everything she does, she rides some of the keenest horses in the yard, schools over fences, drives the horsebox and turns the horses out to an outstanding standard where you will often see her winning best turned out on a regular basis. It has been great to see her confidence grow so much since she started here with us. She also very successfully competes her own horses in her spare time. Unfortunately Jess has too many favourites to mention!


Tasie Johnson

Stable Staff

Tasie came to us not that long ago from her college for a couple of days worke experience a week, we clearly made a lasting impression as she has now joined us full time. A little shy but she is great to have in the yard and gets on with everyone very well, she looks after the horses well and enjoys her job, im sure at only 16 we will be able to see her learn and develop lots of new skills as time goes on. Her favourite horse is Mighty Missile.


Charlotte Clothier

Weekend Staff

'Lottie' is still at school but comes in on weekends and holidays. A great little rider and very useful when shes in.


Sian Weeks

Stable Staff

Sian has recently started with us having had years of experience with horses, mainly showjumpers and after a spell out the game she was egar to get back into it and has already settled in well and works very efficiantly along with everyone else.


Pete Countanche


Pete has been our farrier for a long time now and does a great job!







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