...Summer Clean & New Arrivals...

14-September-2019 9:03
in General
by Admin

The last month has been very productive here at Tall Trees with lots going on.


We had a few runners perform rather disappointing over the last few weeks, and after doing some blood tests, scopes and other general checks nothing came to light, every trainer can have a quiet spell through the year and I am hoping it was just our turn but we took the oppourtunity to step back and turn the place up side down, a few of the horses that have been on the go all year or more spent a couple of weeks out at grass while the weather was so good so this gave us the chance to empty the barns, pressure wash, disinfect and paint the stables as well as sending away all the rugs for professional cleaning, whilst going on Daisy and myself managed to get away for a few days as there was not a lot happening with the horses which was good, it has to be done, its been a long couple of years and a lot has happened so it was great to go away, refresh and be keen to get going again. Although whilst away not a lot changes-fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it we have CCTV linked to our phones of the yard/barns/paddocks and more so it was like we were still there! Again the phone never stops and since being away we have had 4 new arrivals and welcomed three new owners to the yard-very exciting.


All the horses have been in for a week or so now and there are a few still left to come in, all looking a little fatter and more content coming in to nice clean, shiney stables, the whole place is looking rather smart!

We have a few really nice young horses nearly ready to run, its always an interesting time as some of them look to promise so much so we cant wait to get them on the track. Some have taken a lot of time but it would appear to have paid off, but I guess we wont know until they run. We have a few horses now of a higher calibre than we normally would so hopefully we can go and have a solid NH season.

Regards the new horses we have had arrive; Ideal Grace has come from Eve Johnson Houghton after being placed a couple of times from a handful of runs she looks to have a bright future both on the flat and potentially to go hurdling. She seems a very honest type that has just had a small break and now has a new owner, also a new owner to the yard Mr Bona, so delighted to welcome him to the team. She will be ready to run in the coming weeks.

We had two arrive from Jamie Osbornes, two lovely bumper types, a lovely More Than Ready three year old gelding that wouldnt be too far off his bumper debut and then the other is a huge three year old by Iffraaj, he must stand well over 17h, this lad is owned by Nick Bradley & Partners which is a very exciting owner to have had join us so hopefully he can make a nice horse and he will also be running in the near future.

One face we were all delighted to see back was the old favourite Kahdian, a 9yr old gelding that has been with five different trainers and I am pleased to say we are the only yard he has won for, Olly Murphy claimed him after his last run for us where he finished second and after a few very poor efforts he was offered back to us for a very small margin of what we sold him for-how could we refuse?! He has also had a small break which was probably needed and we cant wait to get him back to the local tracks, hes a great fun horse and hopefully he can give his new owner Neil Budden some great fun through the winter.

We have also had the Sir Bow Tie Racegoers join us as a syndicate and taken on the cracking Gale Force Ten two year old so hopefully he will also give them some great days out, in time he will make a cracking dual purpose horse.

So all in all its going well, we continue to strive for success and we are looking forward to running some exciting new horses, of course we always have some for sale so dont hesitate to get in touch to see what we can offer.